TRESARO AIRDROP Round 1 - 37,000 EUR

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AIRDROP Round 1 
Тotal TRE supply in Round 1 - 750,000 TRE's which are worth around 37,000 EUR.


To participate, please follow every step. Otherwise we will have to exclude you from this token distribution. 

Step 1 - Join our Telegram
You need to stay in the group for at least till the end of the airdrop round 1

Step 2 - Like our Facebook page

Step 3 - Follow us on Twitter

Step 4 - Tweet about us and include #tresaro #charity #blockchain

Step 5 - To participate in the airdrop, please post a message here with the following info:

 - Telegram username:
 - Facebook profile: 
 - Twitter profile: 
 - Twitter message: 
 - Bitcointalk profile:

Step 6 - Fill out participation form located HERE 

If you like our project let us know in our main thread: 

Please do not post your ETH Address here

Please ask any questions or share your feedback here or in our main thread:


All TRE tokens will be divided equally among all participants after TRESARO ICO ends.

For the latest threads and info visit the bounty page

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